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Mike Bennie
(written for The Wine Front website 25/5/2020)

2018  Heathcote Sangiovese - Rated 91 points

Juicy, jolly rendition here. Slurpy texture, crunchy acidity, sour cherry and cranberry tang written all over this. Light and fresh, easy to enjoy, a pale rasp of tannin and a slightly milky finish. Nice drink, easy drink, probably drunk cold ala rose', feels a few grades up from one. I like it.

Mike Bennie
(written for the Wine Business Magazine Nov/Dec 2018) 

2017 Heathcote Sangiovese  - Rated 93 points 

A surprising modest Heathcote expression with red berry fruits, plummy characters, clove and cinnamon spice, and a big dash of black pepper, all conspiring in the decidedly medium weight wine. All components feel well-meshed, the wine a treat to drink. 

Mike Bennie
(written for the Wine Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2020)

2018 Heathcote Shiraz - Rated 92 points

Bold, muscular red showing ripe forest berry fruit characters meshed to clove and nutty savouriness. The  wine starts with a fog of rich scent, moves to the palate with plush, rich flavours, draws long on sandy tannins and finishes with a twist of sweet earthiness and tangy acidity. Nice.

Campbell Mattinson
(written for The Wine Front  website 2/4/2019) 

2017 Heathcote Sangiovese  - Rated 91 points 

It’s a red wine from Heathcote, but it’s fresh to the point of  friskiness. It’s made to drink rather than impress. It boasts savouriness first and fruitiness second, though the mouthfeel is creamy and the finish is juicy and sustained. It’s a good wine, and a good drink. There is a nervous tension to the palate,a good (and food-friendly ) thing.

Campbell Mattinson
(written for the Wine Front website 19/3/20)

2018 Heathcote Shiraz - Rated 90 points

It's beefy and clovey but with a good, solid, smooth-skinned heart. It's generous but well honed. It tastes mostly of plum, tar and redcurrant though its clovey/gum leaf-like notes are clear too. It's edging towards full-bodied. It drinks well.

Mike Bennie (written for the Wine Business Magazine Nov/Dec 2021)

2019 Heathcote Shiraz - Rated 92 points

Big and rich, bold and bright, a dense and inky red that stamps its authority from first ripe and dark fruited sniff. Lots of plum, chocolate, ripe cherry and woody spice, bouquet and palate a flourish of hearty characters and yet the balance works a treat and the wine is slippery and moreish. Very regional, very well done. Go forth.

Heathcote Shiraz 2018 - Silver Medal, Heathcote Wine Show 2020

Heathcote Sangiovese 2017 - Bronze Medal, Heathcote Wine Show 2019

Heathcote Sangiovese Shiraz 2019 - Bronze Medal, Heathcote Wine Show 2020

Heathcote Sangiovese 2018 - Bronze Medal, Heathcote Wine Show 2021

Heathcote Shiraz 2019 - Bronze Medal, Heathcote Wine Show 2021


We had our first tasting of the 2017 Sangiovese before it was ready for retailing and found it to be a very easy wine to fall for . The flavour was very fruity, complex and so delicious. It was a torture waiting months for it to be ready for sale. When it finally became available, we quickly ordered 2 dozen and once it arrived we shared it with many friends who have all commented on how beautiful it is. I look forward to tasting other styles coming from this talented winemaker.


Finally I received my order.!! Knowing Marco Tovazzi personally I was eager to try his first release of wine, knowing I would taste something special.! And indeed I did .! Even though it’s a young wine, Marco has given all its love, passion and professionalism to create an easy drinking wine whilst retaining all the fruit character of the grape. Further the wine has evolved and matured in the 10 month of oak barrel to give you a well balanced feel to the palate. I highly recommend this delicious Sangiovese. Well done Marco. I look forward to more of your passionate wines.


2017 Sangiovese. Bright and vibrant, fun and easy to drink. Goes down well on a quiet night in and doesn't shy away from a big party. Very well done Marco, I have a feeling that they won't last very long in our house. 

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